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Physics multiple Choice Assignment

____ 2.

____ 3.

____ 4.

____ 5.

____ 6.

____ 7.

On which day will the amount of water vapor in the air be greater, a summer day at 100% humidity or a winter day at 100% humidity?

  1. summer day
  2. winter day
  3. neither, at 100% humidity they both hold the same amount of water.

When 10 grams of a substance loses 20 calories in cooling 5°C, its specific heat capacity is

a. 10 b. 0.4 c. 2.5

Of the following types of radiant energy, which has the shortest wavelength?

a. infrared radiation b. visible light
c. ultraviolet radiation

When mechanical work is done on a system, there can be an increase in

  1. temperature only.
  2. internal energy only.
  3. both internal energy and temperature.

When a gas undergoes an adiabatic compression

  1. it gains internal energy and its temperature increases.
  2. it is compressed into a liquid by adiabatic liquefaction.
  3. its volume decreases but its temperature remains constant.

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